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Scuba Cruise and BIO-Snorkeling Cruise

The Diving Boat

The MUCIARA DIVING CENTER has a prestigious 13-metres motorboat which, on request, is bookable to scuba/freediving/bio-snorkeling cruises along the islands of the Archipelago, where the boat is completely autonomous for diving, as it has all the security instruments anddiving equipment for diving (compressor included).





barcaThe formula "7 isole in 7 giorni" is a very exclusive service, which let you visit all the archipelago during your holiday, enjoying of the beauties of all the territory, either underwater or inland, changing places and dive sites every day.









Why such holiday is exclusive?

Onboard there are maximum 6 beds (staff excluded), so as the boat resulted to be reserved for a very small group of friends, taking advantge of thje small number of participants.

The boat has three cabins, two bathrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. The space on the back of the boat is reserved for the diving preparation, while the upper and the front spaces are for relaxing.

 The Scuba Cruise can be reserved by a group of divers or by a mixed broup (es. free divers, snorkelers, divers).

NB: The dive center do not find people for fill in the motorboat: the group must be organized autonomusly !



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