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The Muciara Diving Center is also specialized in professional diving thanks to the presence of certified technical operators, which take care of all logistical and operational aspects related to construction and maintenance work:


- Underwater cutting

- Underwater welding operations

- Underwater works in the harbours

- Underwater works for fixed and floating harbor dock

- Recovery of submerged objects

- Underwater surveys

- Recoveries

- Demolition

- Drilling

- Coring

- Cutting and underwater welding

- Underwater photos and filming

- Eveling boxes for laying

- Installing geotextile

- Installation of floating wharves

- Installation of mooring catenaries

- Mounting field buoys

- Maintenance pipelines

- Construction of mariculture facilities

- Dredging and sorbonature

- Installation anchors

- Underwater archaeological excavations

- Interventions for pleasure and motor boats

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