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Salina is the greenest Island and it is strategically located in the middle of the Archipelago.

In this wonderful place is located the MUCIARA DIVING CENTER, just along the waterfront of St. Marina few metres from the arrivals of the hydrofoils.

Thanks to the deep passion of ​​Roberto Carini and Giulia Bernardi, the diving displays many activities related to the sea:

- Recreational diving

- Professional Underwater (OTS - IMCA certified)

- Diving courses with Fipsas-CMAS and SSI international diving shools

- Marine biology courses for certified divers

- Environmental Reesearch programs

- Scuba and Bio-Snorkeling Cruiss along the Islands


Muciara Diving Center offers the maximum levels of professsionality, quality and security for every dive level, carrying out people in the most extraordinary dive sites, along the coast of Salina.

On request, it is possible to organize full-days in other islands, even in some regulated dive sites as the underwater archaeological site in Filicudi Island.

The diving has complete equipment Scubapro latest generation: 15-liter steel tanks DIN / INT filled with a 16,000 liters Coltri compressor, which ensures excellent air quality.

The dive ships are represented by:

a 13m motoryacht, used for daily dives tand also for the DIVING CRUISES around the Archipelago

- a 4.70 meters zodiac powered by a yamaha engine




Our professional staff is composed by:



Roberto Carini

Owner and operator of the diving


Qualifications: Instructor-Fipsas CMAS Level 2, OTS-IMCA diving, lifeguard, swimming instructor, master of vessels sailing / motor without limits

Hobbies: underwater research, free diving




Paolo Carini

Diving employee
aboratore del diving

Qualifications: Instructor-FIPSAS CMAS Level 1 free diving instructor, Terrestrial Biologist, associate of diving courses and marine biology courses

Hobbies: Marine Biology, underwater photography




Scuba collaborator and manager of Marine Biology courses


Qualifications: dive guide, master of vessels sailing / motor without limits

Hobbies: Marine Biologist, underwater photography




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